Jennifer Donnelly – Accredited Dietitian

Jennifer Donnelly APD

MDiet, BAppSci (Lab Med), DipBus(FLM), GCert (Nutri)

Jennifer Donnelly is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with qualifications including a Master of Dietetics and Graduate Certificate of Human Nutrition from Deakin University.  She also has over 10 year’s experience as a Medical Scientist within research and diagnostic settings.

Jennifer’s Dietetic experience includes clinical work within major Melbourne hospitals, corporate dietetics within the Heart Foundation (Victorian Division) and within group education programs such as the Diabetes Australia “Life!” cardiovascular disease and diabetes prevention program.  Jennifer currently works as a Clinical Rehabilitation Dietitian along with her private practice work which she finds enormously rewarding.

Her areas of practice include general dietary and nutrition advice, weight management (including VLED program), diabetes (all types), various GI disorders (including IBS, IBD and coeliac) women’s health (including PCOS, pregnancy and pregnancy planning), renal disease, gastric surgery, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, nutrient deficiencies, malnutrition, underweight, children’s eating behaviours amongst many more nutritional lifestyle and medical conditions.

As a type 1 diabetic, Jennifer has first-hand experience of the challenges an individual faces in dealing with chronic disease. Her approach involves educating, motivating and supporting patients to implement realistic, practical and sustainable evidence-based strategies to achieve their nutrition and health related goals.  As a consequence, is well-resourced to offer ways to troubleshoot the challenges one faces in implementing positive health change.

Jennifer is a strong advocate for prioritising a healthy lifestyle as a key foundation to self-confidence, success and happiness.