ARPS Group is a private billing centre. Each specialist surgeon has their own fee structure. Please check when making your appointment as to the fees set by your doctor.

Additional services performed by doctors may incur additional fees. Please ask your specialist surgeon for an itemised quote prior to any treatment or surgery so you may be fully aware of any out of pocket costs.

Patients with financial difficulties, pension or other valid concession card may be entitled to a reduced rate billed at the doctors’ discretion.
Please discuss this with the doctor on the day of your consultation.

Minor Operations on Site

$150 theatre fee is payable to the main reception for any minor operations that are performed in our on-site theatre. This fee is non refundable by Medicare or any private health insurance. This fee covers provision of anesthetic, steralisation, dressings and nursing staff as well as any maintenance of the theatre.

In addition to this is the Surgeons fee which will vary dependent on the type of condition being treated. Your Surgeon will provide you with an itemised quote prior to surgery so you will be aware of any out of pocket costs.

Claiming Money Back

You can claim a rebate back from medicare for consultations, reviews and minor procedures performed in our rooms. You can not claim on Private health insurance as we are not a hospital. If you require surgery in a hospital then you are able to claim from your private health insurance.