We offer a wide range of medical services including

Skin Cancer Surgery                        Breast Reduction                              Labioplasty                         Fillers

           Abdominoplasty                               Cleft Lip & Palate Surgery             Liposuction                         Rhinoplasty

                Blepharoplasty                                  Craniofacial Surgery                        Mastopexy                         Saliva Control    

            Diet and Nutrition                        Micro suction Ear cleaning                 Otoplasty                           Microsurgery    

              Scar revision                                       Tendon Repair                                   Trauma                                 Gynaecomastia

             Breast Augmentation                     Paediatric Surgery                           Hand Surgery                     Mole Removal

Breast reconstruction                     Cyst Removal                                     Replace Prosthesis          Hernia  

                                                                              Hand Therapy                                Neurology                                         General Surgery                 Dermatology




Mayfair Operating Centre is conveniently located in the medical specialist heart of Melbourne, adjacent to The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, The Royal Melbourne, Royal Women’s and Royal Children’s Hospitals.

Over many years we have built a solid reputation for offering specialist services
with the highest standards of professionalism and commitment to our patients.

We have an expert team of Plastic/General Surgeons who have many years of medical and surgical experience in their chosen field of expertise. 

Our centre has continuously expanded its facilities to include a wider spectrum of recognised disciplines including reconstructive and cosmetic surgery along with dermatology services and skin and breast oncology. We provide a peaceful reception area and minor procedure centre on site. We are continuing to encourage additional professionals to better cater for a wider group of conditions and procedures. Feel free to ask us more.

Our rooms are wheelchair friendly and disabled bathroom facilities are available.